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Wellness Kliniek


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Barcelona, Spain



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    Wellness Kliniek was the first private plastic surgery clinic in Belgium. Given that before 1994 all cosmetic surgeries were performed in public hospitals, patients were often rooming together with sick and/or reconstructive patients, going through emotionally awkward hospital stays and being exposed to bacteria and disease from the sick. Looking to provide a remedy while also providing a safe, comfortable, and top notch quality surgery service, Wellness Kliniek was born. 

    ​Although they have been successful in business for decades, the Kliniek had never gone through a full-scale rebrand. Finally, the beginning of 2019 and the purchase of a new property in Barcelona prompted a revamp of the company’s identity. Staying close to their vision of providing affordable, quality surgical services regardless of income level, we honed in on focusing on its younger female clients with a rigidly defined aesthetic, revitalized social strategy and, most critically, a complete reframing of what is means to purchase cosmetic surgery services in today’s world where customization, positivity and self-actualization are king. 

    The rebrand process reaches not only through the Kliniek’s digital assets, but also within its physical spaces as well. The Belgian Kliniek has undergone a complete renovation and the customer experience has been amplified from start to finish in order to consistently echo the brand’s mission and values. Through the direction of its brand revamp, the Wellness Kliniek experience strives to mimic the feel of a luxury spa or hotel, a place with obsessively purposeful aesthetics and the magical means of assisting in self-actualization, self-discovery and, above all, encouraging happiness and creativity for its patients.

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