bits of my story

I graduated from the University of San Diego with a BA in art history and a minor in visual arts in 2015. Soon after, I completed my Master's in Art History at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London. Along the way, I dabbled in subjects from creative advertising to art law to deducing the perfect formula for mastering standby travel.  However, no matter what I studied or where I flew, I would always find myself buried back in Illustrator. 


Archaeology Design has grown out of this lifelong submersion into studying all things visual: fine arts, advertising, film, art history – you name it – as well as a penchant for philosophy and problem solving. For me, the design process has always been akin to the archaeological search: uncovering something new through both historical and contemporary contexts – as well as advanced visual analysis – in order to assign purposeful meaning in our contemporary world. In this way, we can create solutions that communicate effectively but also offer new lenses: design that is undoubedtly modern while remaining timeless.


When I'm not browsing typefaces or making my usual museum rounds, I can probably be found burying myself in French new wave films, making a second bowl of guacamole, or researching a future trip abroad.


In a world learning to fuse the tangible with the digital, it can be confusing where to begin when putting together an event, compiling a new project, or starting a business and are in need of a visual compass. That's where designers come in. Whether you are looking for a logo and branding concept to get started, one-time promotional products like posters or brochures, adaptive social media material, packaging and products to bring an idea to life or the whole shebang, I would love to talk more about your vision and how we can get started making something awesome together. 

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