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On Beat Fitness is a start-up company headed by Buti yoga instructor and DJ, Katie Kasten. Katie saw a gap in the market for a new approach to fitness classes: one that is not run by “fitness” repetitions, but instead ruled by the 8-count, natural beat embedded in the popular music everyone loves. By choreographing aerobic and dance moves into routines that can be easily mimicked by nearly all adults, Katie not only taps into the need for a day-dance culture but also radiates inclusivity and community by uniting all dancers into one fun and digestible rhythm. The first step of the business will be to sell subscription-based videos online, followed closely by on beat fitness events that echo current trends in health and fitness, tribe-like branding and (sober) festival culture. 

ideal client
On Beat’s ideal clients are women aged 22-45, although Katie would also like to keep her male clients in consideration whom are around the same age and comfortable enough in their own bodies to grow attached to the practice as well. 




To design a logo that echoes the brand adjectives above while also arriving at a unique graphic solution that allows the On Beat Fitness Brand to standout just as much as its unique fitness routine will to its participants. Nevertheless, the logo should also fall in line with some aspect of current design trends in order to resonate with its target market: one that spans from young adults to middle aged adults looking for the newest in fitness, health and social events. The primary logo should radiate a strong enough branding presence that 2-3 additional, adaptive logos can be made to follow suite given that Katie is planning to eventually incorporate merchandise and several digital media platforms to further the On Beat brand.


Given that movement along to the beat of the music is essential to the participation in the event/workout, instilling some sense of rhythm/ beat logic into the imagery of the logo would be ideal in order to really capture the essence of the brand and what makes their offering unique. Additionally, the idea of movement aligns perfectly with the feelings Katie would like her dancers to feel during an On Beat experience: liveliness, energy and quite literally an “upbeat” feeling.


Katie has already chosen colors to be incorporated into the brand which perfectly align with her branding wish-list. Colors may be slightly altered if needed for print quality and/or color layering. Primary and secondary colors could be chosen out of the colors Katie has provided if helpful. 



Given that the aesthetics of the brand aim to be bold, edgy, eccentric and unconventional, choosing the right typography will be a crucial aspect to the success of this project. Type is the core of logo design and, as such, choosing a typeface that is both surprising and bold will instantly add the novelty and attitude Katie is looking to achieve in her brand messaging. While sans-serif typefaces may be the most obvious answer, certain ultra-contemporary serif typefaces could also be explored. Script font, if used, would need to be bold and creative enough to echo the edge and eccentricity the logo aims to capture as to not get lost in the herd of feminine script brands.

ULTIMATE brand mission

To get women and men to fall in love with their bodies through music and movement.


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On Beat Fitness Logo Draft 1 Cover_Bass
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on beat story graphics mockup.jpg


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