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MY CF Corner (alternatively “Circle of Friends”) is a social venture put together by a group of friends seeking to encourage women of all ages to share their experiences with one another in order to empower each other to get through life/life’s changes and grow together. Client is interested in doing a basic branding package in order to give the group a visual identity that can be molded within its future ventures/direction as the group grows. 

Ideal Client

30 - 60 year old women who are willing to share their life experiences with other women in order to focus and mature together


To design a main logo, associated logos/submarks and establish fonts/brand colors based off of this concept that create a uniqiue visual identity for My CF Corner. This visual identity should be unique and well-designed while also leaving room for brand growth. The logo should be able to move between various platforms, both digital and physical, as the client’s vision for the group matures and additional physical and digital materials are needed.



My CF Corner is open to either text based or iconographical logos, so both will be explored. Should an iconographical logo be pursued, visuals should remain simple, chic and mature given the client’s brand wishlist. This opens up interesting routes to situate CF’s brand as an alternative to other punchy, youthful or campaign-centered female brands/marketing. Due to the client’s interest in gentle and natural feelings/aesthetics, lines will remain organic and thin rather than bold and geometric. 


Color  choice will be influenced primarily by client’s favorite mood boards. However, throughout all options the use of color that is extracted from these boards will remain gentle and chic (i.e. bold color used sparingly, neutrals will be useful). It would be ideal to stick to 3-4 brand colors, including 1-2 neutral, text-friendly selections, in order to keep with the client’s wishes for the brand and mission of the group to aesthetically represent simplicity.


Both serif and sans serif typefaces could be explored in this project. While CF Corner wants to communicate their credibility (i.e. which usually can be displayed through serif fonts) we are also looking to create a brand that is approachable and natural, a look often found in contemporary sans serif fonts. In practice, the mood board and logo design will determine the overall aesthetic of the brand and leave room for us to explore how best to choose type. We may choose to capitalize on the credible and chic instances serif use could represent in the brand, or instead the follow the simple, casual and gentle logic san serif typefaces have bestowed in recent contemporary design. 

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