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Mark Bacino is a NYC based Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Journalist and Educator who has worked with Grammy-winning, Grammy-nominated and platinum-selling songwriters while also releasing multiple albums of his in both the US and abroad. His last two albums were released under his own label, Dream Crush Music. Mark is also owner of The Queens English Recording Co., a boutique studio-music production house where he produces fellow artists and composes for TV/advertising, as well as Intro Verse Chorus, a multi-step songwriting program delivering private lessons and song doctoring. 

Mark previously had four different websites running in order to manage his four arenas of business. Together, we simplified these talents under one larger branding identity while also giving each biz its own logo and collection of photos. Mark's current main artist site now links seamlessly to his complimenting talents, increasing his authority as a musician. Moreover, because each individual site still retains its own unique URL, returning customers coming from various businesses are now able to see the full spectrum of services Mark offers as well as note his wide range of accomplishments and talents. Branding standards were prioritized based on simplicity and contemporary design aesthetics in order to appeal to his urban audience while also providing a sleek surface for all four areas of the site to seamlessly function under one Square Space plan in order to keep costs low.



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"Owning and maintaining four unique websites, encompassing four distinct aspects of my business...

I tasked Kassi and Archaeology Design with the sizable assignment of combining all four sites into one - A single site that could function as an all-inclusive “master” web presence for myself, but would also include links that function as four, distinct “micro” sites for my businesses, connecting to four, unique URLs. The idea being to consolidate, cut hosting costs, and promote the cross-pollination of my related businesses, all while crafting a cohesive look/brand adhering to a fresh design aesthetic.

The results of such a Herculean task thanks to Kassi’s hard work? - A beautifully elegant and tasteful design featured within multiple mini-sites under one umbrella; Each with their own distinct personalities yet unified in look and style. A website that could, at the same time, be seamlessly viewed as one site or four, depending upon how the user accessed the content (via my personal URL or the unique, business’ URLs).

Kassi was incredibly patient, enthusiastic and professional throughout this complex project, utilizing both her strong design talents and her adept technical skills. Whether viewed on mobile or desktop, my new site(s) translates well and looks amazing! I highly recommend Archaeology Design for all your web design projects, large or small."

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