Lauryn's Locks

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Newport Beach, CA



Lauryn's Locks is a concierge hairstyling and coloring service focusing on delivering cutting edge and on-trend color to its vivacious customers. Lauryn was newly graduated from cosmetology school and knew she wanted to narrow in her market from the beginning to focus on young adult, female clients who held an inner edge and punchy side, a feature she she could help them implement into their hair game as well. 

The project focused on creating a striking visual brand identity that can be translated into social media through its use of magnetic color, iconography, witty tag lines and customized patterns. A simple website was also created that allows Lauryn to take digital bookings from her clients online.



Lauryn's Locks brand should be referential yet fresh, brewing together elements of fairytale fantasy and Southern Californian cinematic history. This aesthetic will cleverly echo the makeup and beauty culture Lauryn and her clients have grown to love, while also zoning in on their whimsical, otherworldly and creative tendencies, providing a memorable, specialized cosmetology experience that falls in love with its target market. 

Color should remain decidedly feminine, yet punchy while typography could reference fairytale myths and near-gothic edge. Copy should be witty and unforgiving by tapping into online social humor while also remaining charming and tailored to hair services.



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