Bay Area, CA



Humble Design Co. is a residential interior design company who designs authentic, functional and beautiful interiors with a fresh contemporary twist for socially-conscious, inspired customers.

Ideal Client

Individuals who want beautiful, contemporary and fresh interiors designed with a vibrant, quality and creative experience / Unisex 30 - 50 year olds

Client Wishlist

“I would somehow love the logo to provide a clever juxtaposition between the name ‘Humble Design Co’ (which implies being down-to- earth, unassuming, authentic) with a contemporary, minimalist logo.”



To design a main logo and associated logos/submarks and establish fonts/brand colors that create a cohesive visual identity for Humble Design Co. The owner, Melissa, has solidified her brand identity by working with a consulting agency where she has created a mission statement. She now needs to incorporate a visual identity that compliments her business model and core values while also resonating with her target market and ideal clients.



The brand should above all communicate a sense of authenticity in order to emphasize her wish to come across “humble” and down-to-earth. This implies the design should be simplistic and contemporary which allows us to use a minimalist style to develop a logo. However, the design should also not be so minimalist and inaccessible to audiences that it comes across too esoteric or pretentious ( this element of approachability is also something Melissa wants to focus on). The priority of the project rests in designing a logo that strikes the delicate balance between communicating sophistication and credibility while also coming across transparent and unassuming.


We are not exploring an iconographical logo for this project to keep with the directives of simplicity and sophistication. Instead, selecting the correct type will be critical and then balancing its form and spacing. It may be interesting to look into altering singular letters a bit to play into the idea of authenticity. This slight addition of rupture/movement could also bring additional energy into the logo and increase the perception of the brand being down-to-earth, friendly and unassuming.



Melissa is open to coloring options and has also expressed an interest in capitalizing on a monochrome brand identity. After designing the logo form, we can look into the brand using both black and white only and black and white with a few select, quality color additions as well. Should color be selected, color suite should remain minimal (2-3 colors) and should echo contemporary color trends while also choosing 1-2 more unique colors to emphasize the edgy, down-to-earth attitude Melissa is aiming for. Taking the over-saturated monochrome market and adding these slight, purposeful colors would be a great opportunity to emphasize the brand’s authenticity and approachability without sacrificing the sophistication black and white brings.



Type will be the most critical choice within the logo design. We will explore both san serif and serif options perhaps with untraditional spacing in order to come to a solution that looks individualized yet on-trend and contemporary yet authentic. As serifs denote sophistication and credibility and san serifs have come to symbolize simplicity and contemporary design, a delicate selection of the two will be a critical point in solving the design problem. Both could be used in the brand’s larger identity (assigned as headers and body text) to reconcile this depending on the end logo formulation. 







"I couldn't speak more highly of Kassi. From the very beginning of our phone consultation, I knew Kassi would be the perfect person to create my new Logo and Brand Identity. She listened intently to everything I shared and then promptly sent all of the detail back in a written brief, capturing everything perfectly. Throughout the process of designing the logo, Kassi went above and beyond generating amazing ideas for the logo, color palette and fonts. I would highly recommend Archaeology Design to anyone and can't wait to work with Kassi again in the future." 


- Melissa Leach/ Founder and President of Humble Design Co.