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Jersey City, N J




EVR Consulting is a boutique business-technology consulting firm, working with specialty pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We provide services that complement our client existing in-house capabilities.

Ideal Client

Small to medium sized pharmaceutical companies


To design a larger basic branding identity and complimenting website for EVR so that the company may come across as a fully functioning, credible and quality consulting option within the pharmaceutical world. The most important aspect of the project will be to balance a corporate and credible vibe with a unique, approachable, and human aesthetic. In doing so, EVR will be perceived not only as a professional and knowledgeable company, but also one that is personable and most of all, quality driven.




There is no logo redesign with this project, so all new visuals will fall under photo selections for website. Photos should have either a clear corporate look as to not invite too much symbolism or vague trends into the brand’s identity, reiterating the client’s wish to come across as a brand of quality. However, definitively abstract photos could be used in order to add a “sleek” edge and diversify the images found on the site so that balance is brought to the forefront (aka site does not come across to “stock photo” -ish) to increase the brand’s approachability.


The current EVR logo includes a navy blue that the client would like to keep, which is ideal being that navy blue is one of the most “corporate” and credible colors from a consumer standpoint. Adding additional colors will allow us to give EVR a fully branded identity while also giving us the opportunity to expand upon its professional look with conservative/”timeless” yet approachable colors. Client has expressed a wish to look into sea foam green. Orange was previously also featured in the EVR logo.


Serif typefaces will lend the most to the brand’s identity being that they are widely considered timeless, corporate and credible. Should sans serif typefaces be used for the body font, it is important the type does not come across too minimalist or artistic/experimental in order to retain the goal of keeping EVR “approachable” and, most importantly, timeless and credible. Such adjectives enforce the idea that classics will make more of an impact here rather than on-trend fonts and typography decisions/spacing/layouts. 







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