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Temecula, CA



disABILITY Sports Foundation began as one mother’s dream to provide a public space for her child and others with disabilities in her community to enjoy outdoor activity in exclusive, safe, and judgment free surroundings. A professional yet creative and market driven branding identity was a necessary step for Julie to procure in order to move forward with her dream.


As the only non-profit dedicated to the cause in the entirety of California’s Inland Empire,a professional yet amiable brand needed to be established in order to achieve fundraising success. Special attention was given to avoid feelings of disadvantage and design elements that could evoke feelings associated with certain disabilities were also avoided, such as autism’s relation with tight, sharp corners

Ideal Client

Individuals with a disability and their families in the greater region of Riverside County


Promote fun, friendship, and sport in a safe, understanding environment accessible to individuals with disabilities and their families

Branding Keywords

Contemporary, Family Friendly, Happiness, Trustworthy, Upbeat, Young, Warm, Confident, Energetic, Stable, Whimsical



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"Kassi was amazing throughout our entire branding process...

Her professionalism, attention to detail and creativity is unparalleled. She was able to know what I wanted from a few vague details. She was very prompt with responses and drafts and help guide me through the process from start to finish. It was true pleasure to work with Kassi. I highly recommend Archaeology Design Studio for all your graphic design needs."

- Julie, Founder/President of DSF

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